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Our first free gift to our VIP’s was that of automatic savings and it’s too good not to share with all of you too. Are you  on our VIP list? It’s our weekly email every Saturday morning with a free tool or financial resource inside! Join now

Of course I want each of you to consciously contribute to goal oriented saving, but with this app you will watch your savings grow without doing a thing.

It’s called DIGIT

I’ve been using this app personally since last February and it has tucked away an easy $1000 for me on top of my targeted annual savings goal

How it works is it’s connected to your checking account and withdraws small amounts of money that it doesn’t think you will notice/need based on your spending activity.

So one day it may only take 12 cents, but another day it will take $2, if a huge deposit hits your account, like tax money, paycheck or bonus money etc then it will take even more, but you can decide at any time to save more or less.

I love it and consider it my end of the year bonus savings 😉

Did I mention it’s FREE and communicates with you via text and via it’s own app? It’s actually pretty amazing.

Start Saving Now with Digit

I mean who doesn’t want to save more? I know I do, we all do! This is a fun, free way to make your savings grow and when you log into your app to see how much savings you’ve accumulated you may even be inspired to hit the save more option!

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Remember savings is is the cornerstone of all wealth building so finding new ways to tuck those extra coins away will only help you reach your goals faster!

Digit it easy to set up. It’s only takes a few minutes. Are you ready to start saving MORE?


Happy Saving! (My SuperSavers have already saved over $120,000, join our community in our private group on facebook)




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