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 Shop More While Spending Less (1)
Who loves shopping raise their hand. Then this is the post you’ve been looking for your entire life..  The one that encourages you to shop a lot more not less.

Don’t look so shocked.  I’m serious

The best part about this is you’ll not only shop more, A LOT MORE, but you’ll also save while doing it.. I mean a significantly save! More than you’ve saved in long long time!
Ok now you can look shocked. How is this all possible you ask?
Well I never said anything about a trip to the mall or spending any money now did I? In fact you won’t even need to leave home or need internet access for this one.
Ahhh Carrie you’re good!
Brace yourself because we’re actually going to go shopping in one of the most unlikely places you ever imagined.

Your. Own. Closet.

Yes you read that right.
Unless you have completed a major Closet Purge using the 20/80 rule there are bound to be items in your closet that
  • You’ve never worn
  • Always coordinate the same way
  • Haven’t worn in so long you forget you own them
Here’s Todays Challenge:
  1. Build an outfit around one unworn piece from your closet daily. If its a shirt you never wore pair it with your fave pants or vice versa.
  2. If you always wear your blue shirt with your black pants challenge yourself to switch it up. Wear that blue shirt with grey pants next time or khaki or pinstripes, a skirt even, anything but the black ones!
  3. If the item is so outdated that you’ll look like a walking retro party, doesn’t fit, or is damaged please proceed to step 5 of the 20/80 closet purge.
Herein lies a real opportunity for you to add items to your outfit rotation and look like you just went on the ultimate shopping spree without spending a single dime!
In addition all the new outfit combinations you’re going to create this challenge should also keep you out the mall for quite some time as well!
Happy Closet Shopping!!
Oh by the way! If you need some ideas for all the money you WON’T be spending over the next six months shopping??? Check out The Pink Pennies Savings Club

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