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Self Paced Budget Bootcamp


Self Paced

60 minutes – (2) 30 minute sessions

Prior to session 1 You will receive a pre-work packet to identify your biggest budget challenges, comb through your bank statements for money leaks, and focus intensively on small changes to your money management skills that will lead to big impact.

In session 1 You will explore your financial barriers in greater detail, review your new draft budget, and create a practical plan of action

In session 2 You will implement your plan of action, and create your new budget while tying up any outstanding items on your plan of action.

This package is for you if you need direction on how to flush out your budget completely, create a debt payoff strategy, or face only a few financial barriers.

This option is also best for you if you do not want a long term commitment. This is you taking your financial situation into your own hands and making a chance.

If you are not in need personalized one on one coaching but want to flush out your spending habits and create your budget or debt repayment strategy this option is best for you.

Why a budget bootcamp instead of a full pretty pennies makeover package?

You know what your obstacles are but just need a little guidance on how to overcome them on your own
You have an idea of the direction you want to go and your desired financial outcome
You are willing to make small changes that will yield big results.
You have considering working with me one-on-one but are not ready (or able) to commit to more comprehensive coaching plan



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