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I used to think one checking account and one savings account is all anyone ever needed. Then I met Tai and Talaat from His and Her Money who have a whooping 13 bank accounts!!!

I started to ask myself would it be helpful to have more than 2 bank accounts and over time I realized that it would.

Now I have 8 accounts,

  • Joint checking account for bills
  • Joint checking account for rent
  • Joint checking account for spending
  • Joint savings account emergencies
  • Joint investment account
  • Personal Investment Account
  • Personal Business Checking
  • Personal Business Savings

I found it so helpful when it came to managing my money to have a designated account per purpose. That way I’m not keeping all kinds of mental math in my head of what money is for what in my one account. I can just move it around how I see fit.

What do you think? Do you have an issue managing the money in your bank accounts? Do you ever forget you needed to leave money in your account for something but end up spending it, or going overdrawn?

Maybe you should consider multiple accounts too. Here’s more about Tai and Talaat and their 13 bank accounts, I don’t need 13 and you probably don’t either, but there right number may definitely be more than 1 or 2.


You can find out more about Tai and Talaat over at His and Her Money, on Twitter and on Instagram.

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