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More About Me ;-)

What’s a Financial Stylist? 

Well a Financial Stylist is someone who understands you don’t want to spend all your money to look good, but you also don’t want to look good and have no money.

No one wants to go broke, looking rich.

How did you get the name Your Financial Stylist?

Well I love fashion and even did a stint as a personal stylist and fashion correspondent for Mercedes Benz Fashion week once, but teaching finance was my true passion.

A friend of mine was trying to describe who I was/what I do around that time and in error said oh Carrie, she’s a financial stylist. She knew that I taught finance and that I was moonlighting in fashion and accidentally merged the two together, she started to correct herself and then said, you know what, that really is what she does and I’ve been Your Financial Stylist ever since.

Like most extraordinary women I wear numerous hats; so when I’m not helping redesign financial lives I’m at home being a wife to my husband, supermom to my 5 children, getting dressed up to prance around my room and look in the mirror (oh like you don’t just randomly do that too!), brunching (a girl’s gotta eat), hanging with my friends, traveling, shopping, cooking, or spending quiet time working on my relationship with God. You can learn even more about me over on my personal blog.

When did you start teaching? 

I started teaching personal finance professionally in 2007, but had been teaching friends and family since 2002.

What makes you qualified to help me fix my financial life? Do you have any credentials? Yes I do, here you go.

  • I hold Bachelor’s degree from Hunter College in NYC where I studied Economics and Film-making, to essentially become an accountant for movies.
  • I also studied economic development as an grad student in Urban Planning grad from 2005-2006.
  • In 2007 I received my Master’s degree from Columbia University in NYC in Real Estate Development and hold a certificate in Finance from NYU.

Honestly experience has been one of my best teachers by far, I made so many financial mistakes, which I corrected with self education

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