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clothes shopping on a budget

Summer is just around the corner and with the warm weather comes a new wardrobe.  No one wants to look like they just rolled out of bed, right?  I think it’s safe to say that ladies want to look their best and very often we associate that with expensive clothes and designer shoes.  Well that’s just not true.

The truth is with some legwork, a strict budget and creativity anybody can look like a well dressed diva on a budget.

Here are four ways to look fabulous on a dime:

Invest in basics

If you find a great tank top or basic t-shirt buy it in every color.  You can find great basis at H&M for under $10.  T-shirts and tank tops are always a good buy because they can be dressed up with a skirt and blazer or worn casually with jeans and flats.

Basics are also an easy way to add color into your wardrobe.  If you find a lot of your staple pieces are neutral colors like grey or black a bright pink t-shirt and add some sass to your outfit.

Splurge on essentials

The last thing you want is to have to buy a new pair of jeans every three months or a new suit every season.  It’s a good investment to splurge on wardrobe essentials because you want your most worn pieces to be durable and made with good quality.

Splurging doesn’t mean overpaying.  Still shop around and try to find the best deal, but don’t be afraid to spend a little extra cash for clothes that are going to last a long time.  Think of your power suit as a mortgage; it may seem like a lot of money up front, but amortized over time the cost is definitely worth it.

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Think about multi-purpose pieces

If you’re like me you have favorite outfits.  You may always find yourself pairing the same jeans and t-shirt or the same boots and sweater, but if you want to get the most out of your wardrobe without spending a dime you’ll need to think outside the box.

Pair a blouse with a skirt that normally wouldn’t go together.  Fashion is whatever you want it to be and if you’re tired of wearing the same clothes all the time then you need to mix it up and start mixing and matching.

Go into the back of your closet

I once heard Tyra Banks say that if you haven’t worn something in two seasons a.k.a. six months then you should get rid of it.  Well I say if you haven’t worn something in six months and it’s still in your closet then wear it tomorrow.

Being stuck in a clothes rut and seeing yourself in the same rotation of outfits probably makes you want to go out and buy new clothes – I know that’s how I feel.  Not everyone has wiggle room in their budget for personal splurges so I say go shopping in your own closet – in the back of the closet to find inspiration for new outfits.  And you know what?  It won’t cost you a penny.





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