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Yes You can have Jimmy Choo & A Retirement Plan too!

As someone who understands that as women we don’t always want to sacrifice our lifestyles to get our money in order, nor do we want to sacrifice all our funds to be fabulous, I’m here to help you balance!

I teach women how to blur the lines between frugal and fabulous by teaching them how to build strong financial foundations for themselves, while still living  a lifestyle they love and actually enjoy!

How do I do this?

Well first we start by exploring what you even think about money. Then you identify areas that need to change regarding the way you think about money, as well as your financial future. This will include talking about financial habits you saw as a child, what you were taught about money, how you were taught to use it and more importantly when you taught to spend it. We’ll also explore what your spending triggers are, and then educate you on how to reset and resist those triggers.

Next we walk through the way you use money and what we can adjust there, so you can get on the road to achieving financial freedom and your ultimate life. We’ll create a plan to pay off your debt, boost your savings, clean up your credit and get you investing. (the true KEY to building wealth for your future)

I know for many of you the barrier is not the money itself, but your financial habits!

I too faced a barrier too at one time. For some it’s eating out, for others it’s vacations, my vice was shopping. I wanted to shop, ALL THE TIME and I never wanted to sacrifice my wardrobe and personal style just to stay on budget.

Was there a healthy compromise for the shopaholic in me? YES! I started looking for creative ways to save so I could still build wealth and be financially sound while looking fly at the same time. (Never paying retail was the #1 way I learned to save BIG on shopping sprees!)

Especially when I became a mom, I couldn’t continue to spend all my coins at the mall! It was either give up my love of fashion or find a healthy compromise. Let me show you how I made small changes that over time have added up to big savings, so you can make small changes too.

My clients are always shocked at how little I spend and how much I’m able to save. I like to look great, feel great, have new experiences, travel AND save money at the same time! Especially as a mom, my children’s future depends on it and yours do too.

Ready to get to work?

We have three types of coaching programs available. Self paced in the privacy of your own home, group caching offered monthly via livestream or webinar, and one-on-one coaching tailored to your individual needs and goals with weekly, biweekly or monthly checkins.


I am “Your Financial Stylist” if:


You feel like you doing pretty well, you just want to challenge yourself MORE!

No more misses nice budget. You’re doing good. You’re pretty on track financially, your debt is low and you have savings, but you still feel pretty mediocre about your financial goals. You’re ready to stretchhhhh to the next level by significantly boosting your savings AND jumping into investing!

You realize all your money is hanging in your closet and your wardrobe is the equivalent of a small country’s fortune

It’s not that you don’t have money, it’s that you just aren’t always spending it wisely. Your closets no longer close, many items still have their original tags, but your bank account hasn’t been as full as your closets ever in life! You need to learn to stop shopping and save!

You really have no idea where your money goes every month.

You know you shouldn’t be living paycheck to paycheck but you can’t see to figure out the culprits. Every month you way have more month left than money and you just want to be able to make it through a month without going broke.

What you need most is an accountability partner… SOS!!

You know you need to make some significant lifestyle adjustments but can’t seem to take the steps to do it on your own. What you really need is an accountability partner and a money makeover plan!

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