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Carrie Pink ServicesHi I’m Carrie Pink, and welcome to Your Financial Stylist. I’m a financial lifestyle blogger, finance coach/consultant, speaker, and mom of five who loves teaching women like you how to blur the lines between frugal and fabulous in your closets, wallets, and everyday lives.


When I first started teaching personal finance my goal was to help women build strong financial foundations, but talking about budgeting, money management, and auto bill pay wasn’t very glamorous. I would meet hundreds of women who were either reluctant to admit they needed financial help or felt living on a budget would be too restrictive. I knew to reach more people I would need to present financial education in a fun unique way, that would not only keep them interested, but committed as well.


And what better way than creating a finance boutique? We all understand shopping, in fact that’s typically the reason we’re in a financial mess to begin with. Bad money management, retail therapy, impulse shopping, overspending, and accumulating debt.

[Tweet “What better way to teach personal finance than creating a finance boutique? We all understand shopping.” -Carrie Pink]

I also wanted women to know that it’s possible to get their financial lives in order, without sacrificing everything they love. We all love something whether it’s getting dressed up, brunching, hanging with friends, traveling, shopping, cooking, going to the spa, even giving to others, why should frugal living keep you from enjoying these type of things?


This site takes you through the journey of how the decisions you make daily impact your finances today, tomorrow, in the future and what you can do to get the most out of it all. Hope you enjoy your experience with us.



Carrie Pink

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Ready For More?!

Some lite housekeeping: To help you navigate, this site is divided into 4 sections

Personal Finance

All the money tools you need to take responsibility for your financial life and start building wealth. We’ll cover everything from budgeting, savings, investing, and day to day money management.

Family Finances

Tips for managing a household, married money, mommy money, and teaching your kids about money.

Life & Style

Frugal should never equal frumpy, but being fly can get expensive. So here we’ll talk about how to be a bargain hunter and deal slayer while still looking like a million bucks!

Faith & Finance

This site wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Jesus. He cares about your money too, so in this section we will talk about why your Faith and Finances simply go together!  😉

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