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Stop being an underachiever with this 52 week savings plan , it is not a challenge….Mediocrity is not to be celebrated. 52 weeks to save $1358 is pitiful.




In fact the only person who should be proud of saving $1358 is a year is the person who only makes $13,580 a year. If you make more than that this savings goal is NOT an accomplishment.

The number is arbitrary, does not take into account income, debt, goals or other financial factors.

Its just another bandwagon tool that people tend to jump on to celebrates doing something! Look I did something.. I have committed to being an underachiever, broke, not focused on real financial freedom or maximizing my financial potential.

Let me show you how to save $1000 is 2-3 months..

Your minimum savings per year should be 10% of your income. Each and everyone of us should be able to live off of 90% of our salary.. If you cannot then your lifestyle (read as bills) is too high & extravagent.

If you make $50k then your goal should be
$5000  for the year MINIMUM

$60k a year? Then your goal should be $6000 or $500 a month, which give your $1000 in 2 months and $1500 in only 3 months…

Keep that going for the whole 12 months? You’ll have $500 x 12 = $6000

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