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It’s the first day of Spring ( hopefully soon the weather will realize that and catch up) One thing I’m sure we’re all ready to shed our heavy winter coats, hats and scarves, particularly those of us in the north east region!

With the warmer weather also comes the desire to do spring cleaning, a little shopping, home improvements, car repairs or spending time outdoors joining friends for bottomless brunching.

Opportunities to open our wallets and spend pop up like flowers in the springtime. So it’s extra important during this time of year that we stay on track and not be swayed by the beautiful distractions of spring and summer months ahead.

We know it’s hard to find the discipline to stay committed when the brunch invitations start rolling in, that’s why we’re here to help! Here are 5 surefire ways to stay committed to your financial goals and not pack them away with your winter wardrobes.

Remember Why You Started.

Are you willing to forgo that trip to Maui this November just to partake in brunches in Brooklyn? Didn’t think so!  Go back and read your financial goals for 2015; whether you plan to pay down your debt, grow your emergency fund, or take that dream vacation, reviewing the goals you set back in December/January will remind you to stay focused on the bigger picture.

Pat Yourself On The Back.

Be proud of the progress you’ve made to date. There is no better way to boost your financial confidence and inspire you to keep going than by seeing how far you have already come. Check your statements and track your progress to date. Did you minimize discretionary spending in January and February because it was too cold to go out?  Ate out less and cooked at home last week? Saved more than your budget called for last month? Celebrate your accomplishments and let them inspire you to keep the momentum going. Seeing really is believing.

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Shop around!

If you fail to plan you will plan to fail. If you know your home needs a new roof this spring start your research now! Ask for referrals from friends and family, find out who received the best work for the lowest price. Same strategy applies to almost anything else money can buy. Always comparison shop, whether you need car repairs, a beach vacation, or a new pair of stilettos! This will empower you to know how much products or services cost and allows you to pick the price you want to pay.

Set a spending limit

This is oh so critical! Cash registers cha-chings add up very quickly! You WILL overspend without a set limit, so think about this and commit to a number BEFORE you head out the door to the mall, restaurant, grocery store or home improvement store!  I even recommend setting a monthly limit for items that you may want to do more than once in a month like brunching. 😉


Say it with me now, ready? nnoooooooo, try it again, noooooooooo. This can also be swapped out for, “I can’t this week, I’m already committed to something, I’m over my budget for that” or any other phrase that will save you from overspending or distract you from your goals. Let’s take our brunch example. If you have a monthly spending limit of $150 for brunches in April and hit that number by April 15th you will need to turn down all incoming invites until your budget resets in May. Discipline is the key to long term financial success and you aren’t cheating anyone but yourself.

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Tell me how you plan to stay committed to your financial goals as the temperature heats up! Drop me a line at





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