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Welcome to the only online boutique for financial education

– A place for women who want to get their financial house in order, but don’t want to give up everything they love about their lifestyle to get it.


You CAN live frugally and still be fabulous!

Learn how to blur the line between the two, with good financial choices, while still enjoying lattes and new shoes.


…Because You Have Bigger Goals Than Just Going Broke While Looking Rich!


Hi! I’m Carrie Pink, Your Financial Stylist. Wife, Mom of 5, Financial lifestyle coach, mommy blogger and entrepreneur.

A reformed shopaholic & money MIS-manager my taste is still champagne & croissants in Paris, but now it’s balanced with saving, smart spending & investing.

When I finally took charge of my financial life and fixed my mess I wanted to help others avoid their own financial disasters, but I wanted to present financial education in a fun unique way and in a simple language any woman could understand.

What better way than shopping? We all understand that, in fact it’s typically how we got into our financial messes to begin with.

Want to start over financially?


-Our course gives you the top 3 money lessons you need to know before wasting another dime.


These 3 keys are critical to setting up a new financial foundation.


Best part about it? It’s FREE!

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